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About Us

My name is Carol Bruce, I am aJamaican, I live in South Florida, and I love to take my family on vacations. I believe life is about good memories, I've traveled all over the USA, UK, Africa, Bahamas and Jamaica.

What attracts me to Seacastles penthouse the most, are the 24-hour security, spectacular view from the apartment, lovely swimming pool, affordable Bar, and the peaceful, magical atmosphere. I love to relax at the pool sipping a beer or just reading a book. Each apartments are privately owned.

I am happy to share this lovely penthouse with all my guests! 

This beautiful, magnificent, resort style condo is a golden paradise. Seacastles was once operated as an hotel in the 90's, It is now a condominium with all the luxurious amenities.

By going local you will see a side of Jamaica you've never seen before, see the real, true Jamaica. We’re here to tell you there’s nothing to fear by venturing outside the resort.

Seacastles is located within approximately 10-15 minutes from Falmouth and 10-15 Minutes drive to Donald Sangster International Airport. Seacastles is located in the middle of all the fun. you can party in Falmouth or party in Montego Bay. you have the best of both towns.

My Name is Sophia, I live in South Florida. I am aJamaican.

Seacastles was built in the 1990s and was the most beautiful breath taking resort at that time, I dreamt of staying there, I love the way the buildings are  designed and shaped like a castle, and gives Rose Hall a beautiful look.

Over the years the exterior has been poorly maintained but the inside of the apartment  is well maintained and gives you beautiful feeling.  I am very happy to be a part owner of this lovely retreat.

Just one word for Seacastles, beautiful! I stayed at Seacastles many times; the first time I visited Seacastles, I was excited how friendly and helpful the SeaCastles staff was, the pool was very cleaned.
The buildings are designed like a beautiful castle and held a lot of  great memories from the beautiful resort it once were.
Seacastles is now  a condominium, the exterior of the buildings could use a fresh coat of paint and a few renovations. Despite that fact, the ground keeping's are beautiful and well kept.
Inside the apartment is beautiful and well maintained. When I visited, the apartment  was newly renovated, giving the apartment a more upscale feeling.
I felt safe because of the 24- hour security guards. The fresh sea breezes are fantastic. I love relaxing at the pool sipping a glass of wine from the Bar.
The Bar is affordable, right next to the pool, and has the most friendly and helpful bar tenders.
The tennis courts also look very enticing and fun. I had great experiences and abeautiful memories. I can't wait to take my family there again.
I recommended Seacastles to anyone looking for a great time in Jamaica. Consider Seacastles Penthouse your home away from home! - Christina C, Miami Fl.

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